Color Printing
Quality color printing . . . at affordable
Moto Graphics, Inc. prices!

Polish your professional image with color printing from Moto Graphics, Inc. Our highly-trained specialists will deliver quality full-color process printing at a very affordable price. Or, consider spot color . . . just a touch of brightness adds interest. Studies by Cahners Publishing Co. report an increase of 36% in readership of full-color over black & white. In a study of how much of a printed piece is actually read, full-color printing showed a 53% increase over black & white. Color attracts. Color is expressive. That's why color sells.

State-of-the-Art Color Processing
Let your printing partner from Moto Graphics, Inc. take your job from start to finish. Give us your color transparencies or photos and we'll provide color scan separations using the latest technologies available.

Color Adds Impact!
The facts speak for themselves. Consider the striking impact
of color when compared to black & white:

. Color increases readership by 41%
. Color increases retention by 18%
. Color increases the tendency to act by 26%
(study by McGraw Hill Publishing)

Great Uses for Color:
. Presentation Materials
. Product Sell Sheets
. Charts, Graphs & Tables
. Invitations & Announcements
. Greeting Cards
. Photograph Reproductions
. Artwork, Illustrations & Diagrams
. Christmas Cards

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